We have Saturday

       morning Beg. Tap and

    Beg. Street Dance Classes

             for ages 4-5!

   We offer Tap

and Street Dance

classes that are always  


Our classes...

Our mission...

 Ballet classes for students desiring classical training in Lakeland. All of our ballet classes are taught with a continual focus on classical technique as is found in today's pre-professional dance world. In addition to classical ballet and pointe classes, we offer other dance lessons as well. We offer contemporary, tap, street dance, and stretch. All of our dance classes are small, with a high level of individual correction that is balanced with a personal, fun atmosphere. All classes are always appropriate, in music, movement, and costuming.

2056-B East Edgewood Drive, Lakeland, FL  33803



    (863) 738-1362



    Our mission is to teach the art of classical ballet and related dance forms in Lakeland, FL with excellence and compassion, creating a foundation that enables each student to pursue dance in their life in whatever way they may dream of. 


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We have 3 year old Pre-Ballet classes!